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Entertainment Promotions

Brewer and Assoc. Entertainment Marketing, based in Fresno, California, specializes in entertainment promotions for singers and bands. Service includes video and music production for acts that want an edge in the competitive world of entertainment. If you have a story to tell, let us help you do it with film. Our goal is to produce quality music and film, and create an audience for it. Maximize exposure for your projects with entertainment promotions from our company in Fresno, California.

Musical Act Promotion
We help singers and groups attract attention for their music. Service is customized to highlight your talents and show what makes you stand out. Our music acts have new CDs that will be released soon, so be sure to check back to get your copy.

Singer, Entertainment Promotions in Fresno, CA

Radio and TV Spots
Brewer and Assoc. Entertainment Marketing also helps any type of business increase sales through radio and television advertising. Our TV and radio production service includes jingle writing to help you establish a brand. We also buy and sell time so that your commercial airs when the most viewers are listening or watching.

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